Through expert master classes and specialist coaching, Neryl East works with teams and individuals to build credibility and influence through outstanding communication performance.

Our approach is tailored to your specific needs; whether it's critical conversations or staff communication, significant presentations, media interviews or written interactions, you will enhance your skills to the level demanded in today's reputation-driven world.

Programs can be adapted for any audience size, always focused on your outcome and custom-designed for your business or organisation.

Browse our master classes below or contact us to tailor a program to your needs.

Clear and confident communication

Do you and your team get your message across the first time, every time? If not, you’re probably causing confusion for your customers/clients – and even worse, damaging your organisation’s reputation. Learn the tools and skills to communicate with confidence and clarity so you can truly have influence.

Advanced media interview skills

Media interview skills are a critical asset for every leader. This interactive master class engages participants to develop new insights into what journalists look for in an interview and imparts highly effective interview techniques which participants then put into practice.

Strategic crisis communication

In today’s reputation-driven economy, every business and organisation must be ready to respond in a crisis, whether a human-made or natural occurrence. Participants learn skills in real-time crisis communication, along with crucial techniques for preventing crises and building resilience.

Presentations that pack a punch

The ability to stand in front of an audience of any size and deliver a compelling message, is an essential skill for any leader and those aspiring to lead. You’ll learn specific techniques for giving stand-out presentations, from meetings and staff updates to conference and event speeches.

Clear business writing

Have you ever read something and wondered, “what on earth does that mean?” You’re not alone! Poor written communication costs time, money and opportunities. This workshop will teach you solid skills and processes to make your business writing sing.

Communication audits and strategies

If you’re not hitting the mark every time you communicate – on screen, on paper and in person – you’re wasting money and time and there’s a good chance you’re turning people off in droves. We conduct communication audits and develop communication strategies for councils, government agencies, not-for-profits and businesses of all sizes.